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How It Works

1.Complete our 15 Minute Integration
2.We evaluate 100+ distinct opportunities against your infrastructure
3.We send a report to your inbox within 24 hours

Complete cloud cost visibility

Your report contains a snapshot of your cloud infrastructure's savings opportunities across outdated, dangling, ARM, rightsized, retention, reservation, autoscaling, business hours resources.

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Unified Cost Solution

Your report will aggregate opportunities from all of your AWS accounts, regardless of engineering tooling or processes.

Sort Fixes by Savings

Your report will show opportunities for individual resources, sorted by how big the savings opportunity is. Understand trends in your organization's cost gaps by viewing costs by category, AWS account, etc.

Highly Actionable Report

Every opportunity will include the affected resource ARN, a title and description, remediation instructions, and the estimated savings.

You Control Your Data

Our platform guarantees no interaction with your sensitive user data, as we use read-only access to your infrastructure metadata. You don’t run our software in your network; no agents, no sidecars. You retain full control of which metadata we have access to. We always encrypt your data at rest and in transit.

Guaranteed Positive ROI

In the first three months, if you spend more than our subscription fee, we’ll credit the difference. Cancel at any time.


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